Research and Development Tax Credits: Claim Process

Liaise with HMRC

Liaise with HMRC R&D Tax Units

IG liaise with HMRC to claim tax credit

Liaising with Her Majestys Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is quite often necessary due to the complexity of the rules and guidance provided under the Large Company Scheme and the Small & Medium sized (SME) Enterprise Schemes.

Continual modifications to the guidance and the rules necessitate regular liaisons with the specialist inspectors working within the HMRC R&D Large & Complex Units.

In recent years changes to guidance in relation to intellectual property and interpretations concerning projects entering a production phase have significantly affected companies looking to claim Research & Development Tax Relief / Credit.

HMRC's approach to enquiries once a claim has been submitted these days is generally very constructive - it usually involves face to face meetings and visiting the company, rather than lengthy drawn out written communications. However our approach pre-empts any queries before the claim is actually submitted, so the right information can be presented with the tax return itself on a timely basis, generally enabling an agreement within 30 days of submission.

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