Research and Development Tax Credits: Claim Process

Identify eligible projects

Develop the Research & Development Strategy

Strategy for Research & Development Tax Relief claim

For those companies with eligible projects we prepare a strategy for claiming research and development tax relief or payable tax credit. Simplistically we are laying out a blue print of what is required in order to take the claim forward.

This will include supporting information and covering the rules regarding:

  • Eligible research and development activities
  • How the technologies have been developed
  • Project risks and successes
  • Where research and development projects start and finish (specifically where projects have reached the production stage)
  • Eligible project costs

Where companies are found to be ineligible* there would be no charges for our services to this stage of the procedure, but we would look to make use of our 20 years of knowledge and experience in the field of Research and Development Grant funding. We have assisted over 300 companies and raised them over £25 million pounds in support of SME’s developing innovative products, processes and technologies.

* Due to our “no win no fee” policy.

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