Research and Development Tax Credits: Claim Process

Meet with client

Meet with the Client for an initial strategic review

Meet IG to discuss Research and Development Tax Credit

After signing a confidentiality agreement & contract, our technical analyst will undertake some initial research into the company’s products, technologies and services in order to establish an understanding of the state of art technology within the industry.

An initial meeting will provide our technical specialist with the specific details of the research and development undertaken during both the current financial year and the two preceding years. Details of:

  • Where research and development projects commenced and ended
  • Project goals
  • Technological advancements
  • Technological uncertainties
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Whether the research and development work has been subcontracted and by whom
  • Indications of outline project cost
  • The significance of the technology developed (i.e. product modification or revolutionary breakthrough)
  • Size of company and financial position (full financial disclosure would be beneficial at this stage including full statutory accounts and tax computations)
  • Full understanding of the company’s current products, processes, technologies and services

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