Research and Development Tax Credits: Claim Process

Submission to HMRC

Our R&D Tax Claim & Costs Booklet is made available in both electronic (PDF) and paper format to meet the requirements of HMRC. The claim is submitted to the HMRC Large & Complex Central Unit in Cardiff where it is logged before being distributed to the appropriate specialist R&D Tax Unit for appraisal.

The R&D Tax claim submission should present the technical, tax & accounting information necessary for the inspector to evaluate the claim, if some areas of the claim are unclear the inspector will come back with requests for clarification and further justification.

In the instance when an HMRC inspector raises queries, contact and discussions must be handled carefully and professionally. The team at IG have extensive experience in this area and have been specifically brought in by both clients and accountants to troubleshoot and resolve aspect enquires.

Due to our professional approach and relationship with HMRC relating to aspect enquires, we confidently offer "All Inclusive fees" - so should there be an aspect review there would be no additional costs relating to our support.

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