"Our accountants had advised us against preparing a claim as they were not sure whether we would qualify, as we were undertaking research and development on behalf of one of our customers. We had already worked with IG on a number of product and process development grant projects and so after discussions with them quickly clarified the position in terms of our eligibility for R&D tax Relief. Over the last 3 years we have received tax repayments and relief totalling £197,000. Without the advice and support provided by IG we would not have been able to prepare and agree the sizeable financial repayments under this programme. This extra funding has contributed to our re-investment programme increasing annual product sales from £7m to £17m over the last 4 years"

Bio-degradable Chemical Manufacturers, Staffordshire

"Following a recommendation and as a result of IG’s No win No fee No fuss approach with went ahead with a meeting to establish whether we might be eligible for R&D Tax Relief. As a result of a positive outcome from our review not only did IG prepare a claim for the current year but for the two previous years as well. In total we have received more than £30,000 from HM Revenue and Customs which has helped us carry out additional R&D projects. Their knowledge of both our industry and the R&D Tax Relief scheme ensured our claim was dealt with professionally and accurately. We would definitely recommend IG to any company looking into whether they should consider R&D Tax Relief. It's a win, win situation!"

Tooling Manufacturer, Yorkshire

"As a small niche engine manufacturer based in the West Midlands we were recommended to IG by one of our suppliers. It was clear after our first meeting with John Everingham, a director at IG that he had extensive knowledge of our products and technologies. Due to the nature of our business the claim was quite complex meaning some of our expenditure didn’t clearly fit within the definitions and rules issued by HMRC. Because of his understanding of our business including our engineering and technology, John was able to liaise with an inspector to justify the inclusion of software costs of £200k. I am not sure any other company preparing the claim would have been able to recognised these issues or include them correctly. That could have prompted a full aspect review by HMRC, which would have been time consuming & costly. John and his team have since prepared a second claim for us and we have received just under £90,000 of tax relief. IG’s no win no fee basis provides security for small companies like ourselves who would not have been able to risk any upfront or hourly costs that would be associated with this work. I would highly recommend John and IG to any small technical company wanting advice on tax relief."

Engine Manufacturers, West Midlands

"As the owner of a 3rd generation family business manufacturing punches and dies, machine knives and aerospace products and components, we carry out research and development across all the 3 divisions on a daily basis. Whilst we invest a lot in this area, it is often unsuccessful and does not even reach the market place but we, as a company, are committed to excellence and therefore in order to stay at the forefront of technology and compete globally, continually strive to improve our processes or develop novel products and techniques by re-investing in excess of 5% of our revenue into R&D. We had a longstanding working relationship with IG on grant funding for R&D projects and they introduced us to the R&D tax Relief scheme in 2008. The R&D Tax claims that they have successfully prepared for us since then have been a vital financial influx for our company to enable us to continue our commitment to research and development and we are proud to have achieved and maintain a leading position in the aerospace, cold forging tooling and machine knife industry. IG definitely helped contribute to this and we continue to be impressed by their professionalism and the added value they deliver."

Precision Engineering, West Midlands

"As a small company operating within the global drilling industry, research and development into new products has enabled us to compete against much larger oversees competition particularly from the far east. IG has become a valued part of our team, and their assistance and support in applications for Research & Development funding over the past 5 years and more recently claims made on HMRC R&D Tax Relief Schemes has made a significant contribution to the growth of our business."

Drilling Equipment Manufacturer, Derbyshire